09 Dec 2016

Specialist Types of Computer Software

Aspose Software logoComputers have different sizes, shapes and colours. In most countries of the world, especially in developed countries, almost every home have a computer, located either in the reading desk or somewhere in the room.

Most cars, building appliances and other gadgets- most of them uses computer software that works to enable them run their programs smoothly. To a great extent, computer usage has changed the way we live life and transact businesses. Computer software helps in storing data.

Groups of computer software

There are so many computer languages. Software is described as the language of every computer. As a computer software engineer or information technology software engineer, you are required to master the art of programming languages. Computer software is classified into three main groups depending on their application and usage. They are:

  • Operating system or software ( popularly known as OS)
  • Programming languages, and
  • Application software

Almost all of us interact with our computers using several devices of application software. Let us explain each of them in greater detail.

System Software

Computer uses this software to translate various inputs to a language which the machine would understand. It organizes all the various components of computer hardware. If you browse the internet, you will discover that there are lots of operating system in the market.

Microsoft is acclaimed to be the most popular. Others are windows software, XENIX, HP-UX, AIX, and Apache OS etc. XENIX is now redundant, while AIX and HP-UX are now used by HP computers. Apache OS is used by web servers etc.

Aspose Application Software

This is the software one can use to have a close interaction with a computer device. Almost all of us are familiar with it. Some examples of application software include Microsoft office suite such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Aspose. These applications have been used extensively in the past. If you are unsure of Aspose click here to get a better understanding. Aspose is one of the most powerful software applications on the market.

Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer are two applications one can use to access the internet. You can use email software to manage emails. An example of email software is outlook express. Application software is used in working in all aspects of a computer such as the anti-virus, media player and interface.

Programming Languages & Visual Studio Software

Microsoft's VisualStudio SoftwareThis computer software is used extensively and exclusively by computer programmers. If you are not a programmer, it will be difficult to understand the programming languages. Programming languages are also used to create operating system and applications. Some examples of programming languages include Java, Simlab and C++. These are often used in the popular visual studio software productions. Visual studio is a very advanced type of software that has risen in popularity over the years. At this online website Visual Studio sales have tripled in the last 12 months as more people become interested in its application.

C++ is a language which is extensively used by professional developers, or software programmers, and also helps in development of operating systems, PHP is used for internet applications, Java is for internet applications.

There is another new language, known as modular languages; it is lightweight and used mainly to design mobile devices or applications. People love modular languages, because they are simple, convenient and easy to use.


All these applications described above are used on day to day activities, and all of them are created with the help of programming languages. You are not a successful computer software engineer, if you are incapable of understanding programming languages.

Ability to understand it shows that you are professional in this field. We believe that the information offered above has helped you to understand the true nature of computer software.…

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